What’s in a name, Africa?

Everywhere in Africa, the name is considered a distinct part of the individual. There is something like a material and physical affinity between a man and his name; a person can be hurt through his name, and to avoid this it is sometimes kept secret. To pronounce the name is to act on the soul, to provoke it, is to constrain it.
Pierre Erny, 1973

Enter Into A World Of African Knowledge

Videos, clips and other interesting pieces

Eden 4:31

This short CGI animated film titled ‘EDEN’ was produced by students in their final year of study at The Animation School, South Africa.

Malika 14:56

A short story of Malika, a Warrior Queen, is the story about an African queen fighting for her kingdom.

Raising Genuis 6:59

A family in Nairobi is raising a genius..and they did not even know it! Meet Elias Muthomi, the 3 year old boy who has confounded even the most brightest minds.